Zur Zill, Germany

The sister’s fiance allowed one more meal stop before we arrived in Munich and Zur Zill is postcard perfect. The al fresco dining area lined the little channel with crystal clear water and a mossy stone bottom and we pored over the menu, pretending we understand German.

Our poor guide had to translate most of the dishes for us to make our selection, but whatever we ordered, a ‘radler’ (better known as a shandy) was never far behind.

Salmon spaghetti

Pork with Spätzle (the German egg noodles)

Service was decent, meals came out without a long delay and meal prices were around the €6.90 mark. Definitely a stop for a lovely afternoon.

Zur Zill
Schwörhausgasse 19
89073 Ulm, Germany
Tel: 0731 1517787