Lupicia’s USA original tea blends in San Francisco

Since girlfriend Celeste from Becoming Beautiful first introduced us to Lupicia tea, we have been hooked! One of our staples is their Momo Oolong tea, which is flavoured by Japanese white peaches, and blended with young peach leaves. It smells downright divine and I have yet to come across anyone who dislikes it.

The SO would usually pick up a bag or two teas at the Lupicia store in Melbourne, but we have also visited one of their stores in Tokyo. On our next trip, I hope to find their restaurant as well.

But imagine my surprise when the SO said he found a Lupicia store in San Francisco! So amid my gushing, he picked up some of their USA original blends: Napa Blanc (green tea, sugar, jasmine flower), Golden Honey Dew (green rooibos, dried melon, marigold) and Avenue (green tea, black tea, organge flower, rose petal, blue mallow, marigold, cornflower).

Napa Blanc surprisingly smells like sweet juicy grapes – not the synthetic purple flavouring, but wet white crisp grapes. I brought some to work in my plunger mug and colleagues were gushing when they smelt the scent as I poured in the hot water.

Now I cannot wait to try the others and sample them. The SO promises they are absolutely divine, but I’ll have to see for myself.

Are you a tea drinker? And do you have a great tea you cannot live without?