Weissbierhaxe at Neckarmüller, Tübingen

When my sister decided to move to Germany with her beau to pursue her PhD, I was somewhat stricken by the thought she wouldn’t be in Singapore whenever we went to visit family. Being only a year apart, it wasn’t uncommon to people to think we might’ve been twins when we were growing up (though I was taller and bigger in build than her slight frame).

Still… having her there meant that we had the opportunity to visit, and neither the SO nor I had ever been to that part of Europe. The closest I had been to Germany was Strasbourg.

It took an overnight train from Rome to Munich. And then a connecting train to the town of Tübingen, a small university town my sister now lives in. The connecting train stopped several times along the way and we watched from the window as these picturesque towns whizzed by.

By the time we arrived, it was a little past midday and I stepped off the train into the arms of my sister who had been waiting on the platform. It has been many months since we had last seen each other and there was too much to catch up on. Her beau had the car out front of the station and the tour of their adoptive town began in earnest.

First stop was their apartment for a quick shower – overnight trains do not have showers – and then it was a brisk walk into town to grab an authentic German bite to eat at Neckarmüller.

My sister and her partner handheld us through the order processing, teaching the tiny bit of German we eventually clung to throughout our trip. The word ‘beer’ and ‘radler’ (or in English, a ‘shandy’) quickly became mealtime staples as we learnt to roll them off our tongues at every establishment, cuz let’s be honest: why would you bother with just plain water when the beers are soooooo good?

Neckarmüller's Weissbierhaxe. €9.50

This was my second time having pork knuckle and it was glorious! The Germans really know how to treat pork – it’s silky soft, falling off the bone with gentle prodding and the salty crackle was orgasmically divine. I typically have trouble finishing a pork knuckle to myself, but this was too good to pass over to the SO to polish off.

The dumpling that accompanied the weissbierhaxe, though very good, was more ho-hum after the main act.

Neckarmüller Braumeisterpfännle. €11.90

We definitely popped a culinary cherry at Neckarmüller though with späetzle. This egg noodle is meant to be soft, but we found these quite doughy. We would later try some much better späetzle later in the trip, so I cannot wait to have a go making it at home with the Masterchef Australia’s spaetzle recipe from George’s minestone soup.

Neckarmüller's Paniertes Tellerschnitzel. €10.40

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