Meet the sibling trio

This, dear readers, is the reason the SO and I trekked all those hundreds of miles across oceans from Australia to Europe for.

Yup. These are my sisters – the litter mates who came forth from the same womb I was birthed. They are both my partners in crime and my Judases – the only people I can honestly say I have known since they were born.

As often as I might denounce them as the perpetual thorns in my side, or as loudly as I might scream in exasperation over their (to me) ridiculous antics, I feel privileged to have watched them grow up the last 30 and 25 years respectively into the strong women they are today. And occasionally bully them (and protect them from other bullies by bullying the bullies) – we went to an all-girls school and girls can be vicious creatures growing up.

Oh, and just ignore the tall white German guy at the back. He’s the one who has taken it upon himself to ‘rescue’ my sister – the middle child – from the dysfunctional Asian family she comes from. The SO has been trying to warn the poor man for years that that’s never gonna happen.