Al Picchio Restaurant, Rome

You probably know by now we are the pop-in-to-say-hello type of diners. We hardly make reservations and see what takes our fancy – we like living on the edge.

So when we were struck with hunger pangs while taking happy snaps in front of the Trevi Fountain and the hundreds of people who visit it, the SO and I did a quick walkabout to find someplace to eat.

Ristorante Al Picchio is familiar with the tourist clientele and are well-prepared with English translations on their menus, but these guys are still passionate about Italian cuisine and their food. The table next to ours was of an Italian woman, who appeared to be playing host/guide to her American friend. They had ordered a pizza to share and when it arrived, the American friend turned and asked for the waiter for ketchup to put on the pizza.

Taken aback, the waiter exclaimed there was tomato sauce on the pizza already, so what on earth would she need ketchup for? The poor Italian lady quickly rescinded her friend’s request to avoid World War 3 breaking out, but we couldn’t help giggling as the waiter shook his head and gestured wildly to his fellow waiter in utter disbelief.

Yes, Italians are passionate about their food.

Caciotta. €3.50

Risotto alla pescatora (Risotto with seafood). €8.90

Tortellini ai funghi porcini (Tortellini with porcini mushrooms). €8.90

Ristorante Al Picchio
00187 Rome (IT), Via del Lavatore 39,40 (F.di Trevi)
Tel: +39 06 67 89 926
Fax: +39 06 69 29 20 93
Email: [email protected]