Going on a recommendation to Hostaria Baldus, Rome

Visiting a new city almost every three days is exhausting. While we thankfully didn’t have any of the madness apparently common to whirlwind travel, our feet and minds desperately needed resting.

So rather than think and explore, we asked our hotel concierge for a restaurant recommendation. Our requirements:

  1. it had to be Italian
  2. it had to be close by and
  3. it had better be bloody tasty.

He whipped out a card from under the counter, a map and 5 minutes later, we were being seated in a little restaurant with crisp white tablecloths and a warm family atmosphere.

So what if our waiter couldn’t speak English and we didn’t know any Italian? The menu had English descriptions and with a sense of culinary adventure (and a little luck on our side), we had one of the most enjoyable dinners on our trip with tender octopus and well-seasoned potatoes, fresh pasta in a savoury sauce and a light crispy pizza topped in bursts of flavour.

And we were so surprised that ‘house wine’ was really served out of a bar tap. Which in Australia, would have alarm bells ringing, but it turned out quite palatable at €3.40 for a half litre of red or white wine.

And as a succulent glossy sweet cherry on top, our waiter dropped a bottle of limoncello and 2 glasses at our table as our after-dinner digestivo – for free! Top stuff!

Polipo Con Patate (Octopus with potatoes). €9

Rigatoni con pajata (short pasta with calf entrails sauce). €9

Diavola (mozzarella, tomato and hot salami). €7

Hostaria Baldus
Forno A Legna
Via Don Orione, 9/11-00183 Roma
Tel: 067016427