Le Bistrot 30, Paris

We were starving for lunch and wandering down from Notre Dame de Paris, we found ourselves in the midst of some foodie mecca alleyway with every kind of cuisine imaginable. Restaurant hustlers planted themselves in the doorway of their establishment, hawking at every passerby.

Following the golden travel rule of ‘if everyone’s there, it’s gotta be good’, we decided to give Le Bistrot 30 a go. They seemed busy enough and the man who appeared to be the owner/head waiter seemed more concerned with lighting his cigarette than annoying everyone walking past by waving a menu in their face.

And they couldn’t make ordering any simpler for the non-French speaker (a plus for the SO). For €10, you get a 3 course meal. And as long as you can say ‘une carafe d’eau, s’il vous plaît’ (a jug of tap water, please), you won’t have to pay extra for a bottle of Evian or Perrier, which is what most cafes/establishments will bring out if you just ask for ‘water’.

Soupe a l'Oignon au Fromage

The SO was not particularly impressed with his French onion soup, but that’s probably because I ordered this…

Moules marinière

French onion soup just cannot compare to a rustic moules marinière, or mussels in white wine sauce. And this plate of babies was divine! I soaked up the spine-tingling sauce with thick cuts of the crusty bread and wished there was more.

Tagliatelles au saumon frais et a l'aneth

The pasta was limp and tasteless, though the salmon was gorgeously crispy and yet still moist inside. It is not customary to have salt and pepper at tables in Paris, so I had to just suck it up.

Tarte normande aux pommes

Crème caramel

Both desserts were nothing to write home about, but given the meal deal was relatively cheap, we weren’t complaining.

Since our return, I have read several reviews slamming Le Bistrot 30’s service, which I didn’t find lacking at all. True, it isn’t somewhere I would take anyone for a romantic meal, but if you’re on the go and not fussy about how well your meal will turn out (or on a bit of a budget), I would definitely consider Le Bistrot 30.

Le Bistrot 30
30, Rue du Severin, 75005 Paris, France
33 1 43 29 31 31