A dinner and show at Cabaret Lido Paris

A colleague adamantly sold the idea of going to a cabaret when we were in Europe. Since Brisbane doesn’t quite have the same cabarets as Paris does (nor does Singapore, since bare tit is such a taboo sight), we figured – why not?

And my colleague was very particular that we should visit Lido on Champs-Elysées. She loved her experience there and it would be close and easy to get to from our hotel.

The only issue – the price tag. The cheapest dinner and show option – Soirée Plaisir – is €150 a head. That includes a 3 course meal, a half bottle of wine/champagne and the show. While we could’ve simply opted for cheaper tickets to just the show, those seats are generally quite far back. So we bit the bullet, booked our tickets online and we obviously opted for champagne.

Dinner is served at 7pm, but the show starts at 9:30pm and does not finish almost 11:30pm. So you do spend a lot of time at the Lido. We arrived at 6:30pm and had to wait in line in a rather airless and uncomfortable corridor till they were ready to seat us. Once they start processing tickets, it does not take long for guests to be shown to their seats. We were shown to a table of 6, which proved to be too vulgar for the pair of Russian women who were to sit beside us – they rudely demanded the wait staff to move them to another table and later left straight after dinner.

While dinner was served, we were entertained by a four piece band and singer, who sang renditions of popular songs and a number of ‘happy birthdays’, which were accompanied by cakes topped with sparklers to the unsuspecting birthday person.

Seared salmon, slow roasted vegetables in a green mustard condiment

Chicken supreme, baby potatoes in a crayfish stock

Coconut and mango delight with diced pineapple

The meal itself was alright. The SO and I were not particularly impressed and while perfectly cooked, nothing on the plate screamed ‘AMAZING!’. In fact, I think at one point we agreed that the food was just marginally better than the best airline food (and we’ve had some pretty tasty airline meals). We still found it very impressive they were able to feed the hundreds in the food at the same time.

However let’s be honest, we weren’t really there for the food. It was the cabaret show we were truely after and the show certainly delivered. I was amazed by all the acts. The dances were not executed to 100% military precision and the singers were lip-syncing, but the costumes and sets were brilliant! They also had side acts: a man with diablos, a clown (who was adorable), an aerial silks act and a pair of ice-skaters.

So all in all, we thought the €150 a head was not a bad price for the entertainment.

And we didn’t really notice the boobage amid the glitter, sparkle and jangle… just saying.


Cabaret Lido Paris
116 Bis Avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris, France
Tel: 01 40 76 56 10