Harrods’ food overload (aka Heaven)

How can anyone visit London and not stop by Harrods? It is such an iconic store, it deserved a visit.

It isn’t all that hard to find either. Just follow the crowd from Knightsbridge metro station and it won’t be long before you arrive at Harrods doors, greeted by one of their many guides and offered a floor map to help you find your way around the store.

And there was a whole area I really wanted to check out – the produce and food section.

You know you’re in the right place when there is a prized porker ribbon monument standing over you like King Kong.

These pork offerings look picture perfect for the pot. Or pan. Or grill.

A mind-boggling selection of marinated olives ready for the picking.

Mmmmm… foie gras.

White asparagus were in season. But since my sibling calls them ‘white penises’, I cannot help giggling like a ditzy schoolgirl whenever I see them.

If you are throwing a party and cannot be arsed to make the food (or too poor to hire a caterer), the selection of hors d’œuvres are certainly a great way to start.

Or Thai food perhaps instead? We were offered samples of the green mango salad and they packed a punch in the spice department.

Talk about decadence.

This is a chocoholic’s wet dream.

The SO almost had to drag me from salivating all over the dessert window.

But not before I managed to get me some of these gorgeous cupcakes.

I got red velvet, Oreo cookies and cream, a vanilla and coconut (yes! It has glitter!), and the seasonal offering – blueberry cupcakes.

And they are beautiful! Sweet without being toothacheingly so. And so soft.

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