Chin Chin Labs: the nitro ice-cream parlour

Lovely girlfriend Erushi is an ice-cream addict.

And I am not using the word ‘addict’ lightly here. The woman really is an ice-cream fiend and very proudly proclaimed her perfect meal would include pre-meal ice-cream and ice-cream for dessert.

So it would be no surprise that she would take us to The Chin Chin Laboratorists in Camden Town to sample their wares on our trip.

Chin Chin are London’s first liquid nitrogen ice-cream parlour and I reckon a must-stop for any foodie, even if you are not much of a dessert person. Owner Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur makes the ice-cream to order on the spot in this clinical madhouse of mixers, beakers, pipes and liquid nitrogen tanks.

As he makes the ice-cream, he describes the process, and throws in factoids about the liquid nitrogen and how they come up with new flavours every week (sometimes with the help of fans). If only our science classes back in the day were as fun as this…

Kids adore watching him slip on his thick glove to pour out a measure of liquid nitrogen from tank into the running mixer to create each serve of ice-cream. And Ahrash invites customers to sweep the white cloud of nitrogen upwards for a whiff, which like steam – is heavy with the chosen flavour scent.

Erushi and I can't wait to taste this week's special

Each cup of ice-cream is then passed onto the toppings and sauce station. And while there’s quite a variety to choose from, my favorite (and everyone else’s apparently) is the carmelised pretzel. It is so popular, Chin Chin even sells it in bags to take home, which I would have done, had I not have to consider the food restrictions of taking it back into Australia.

Peanut butter malt with honeycomb and raspberry compote

BBQ pineapple with caramel pretzel and chocolate sauce

We ordered the week’s special both visits we made and both are delicious! I can see why Erushi is hitting the shop almost every week to sample their latest creation. But if you are not particularly adventurous, there is always the tamer vanilla and chocolate on offer.

Warning to credit card lovers though, it is cash only at Chin Chin. Not that that’s a problem, seeing as prices are reasonable at £3.95 for a scoop.

The Chin Chin Laboratorists is definitely worth a visit and bring your sweet tooth!


The Chin Chin Laboratorists
49-50 Camden Lock Place, London
United Kingdom
Tel: 07885 604 284
Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 12-7pm

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