An icy finish to a chilly day at the Icecreamists

The Icecreamists is the ya-ya and ha-ha cousin of the dessert world, rocking in rebel tunes and calling out for an ice-cream revolution as the ‘agents of cool’. Walking into their store at Covent Garden, you instantly see the theme going on: it’s dripping in pop culture iconography and sexual innuendo. And I almost expected the staff to break out a pole and gyrate to the beat.

The Icecreamists is both an ice-cream parlour and a cocktail bar (serving ice-cream cocktail concoctions), and stays open till midnight – and stayed really popular as late as we were there. We weren’t able to get a table at the bar, so just tried their ice-cream.

I tried the Cold Sweat, which is lemongrass, ginger and chilli. And Sex Bomb (fior de latte with citrus and a ‘natural stimulant’). Erushi and I were debating whether Cold Sweat reminded us more of laksa or a thai curry.

And no, there wasn’t any Baby Gaga. Yes, you probably heard of it. It’s the human breastmilk ice-cream that made its crazy OMGWTF rounds in the news some weeks ago.


The Icecreamists
15 Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 7NG
United Kingdom
Tel: (07595) 219240

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