Duck, the other red meat

There are few things that make me absolutely weak in the knees – and well-prepared duck is one of them. Especially if its skin and fat is either incredibly crispy, or beautifully coloured and silky soft that melts in your mouth.

However, get the duck wrong and I will weep and mourn the wasted death of such a gorgeous creature at the hands of a fool.

The most well-known duck dishes are duck confit, Peking duck and duck a l’orange. But one of my favorite ways to have duck is the far more rustic Cantonese style duck noodles.

The duck is roasted in a sweet marinade to achieve a rich burnt red earth brown shine. Once cooked, it is often hung to cool until it is needed. The noodles are cooked and tossed in condiments – I usually love mine with both the chilli sauce and chopped pickled green chillis – before being topped with blanched veggies and the chopped duck.

Unfortunately for me, some of the best duck noodles I have tasted are back home in Singapore. The parentals took us to  a great little stall in the district, which served a set meal with duck, soup and rice for SGD10. A fantastic deal for some of the most succulent duck I’ve had in a long while.

When we are back in Brisbane, we don’t despair (too much) – Brisbane’s Satay Club eatery on Charlotte Street does a pretty mean duck. They offer it as a protein option with laksa, lor mee and clear noodle soup. Needless to say, I hit it every chance I get.