Wandering the British Museum

Egyptian hieroglyphics on a stone crypt

I haven’t really disappeared, but our Europe travel took awhile to prepare for. There was work to finish and handover, bags to purchase and pack, Q to take to the in-laws to be babysat, and lots of travel related papers to print.

But we made it!

Gayer-Anderson cat

We only had 4 nights in London and one of the very first sights we both agreed on visiting was the British Museum.

The British Museum is a massive establishment with an impressive collection of artifacts from around the world. One of the best parts is that entrance to the museum is free and it is open everyday.

The SO was particularly keen to explore the Egyptian exhibit and I wanted to see the Rosetta Stone. The SO had more luck, whereas the Rosetta Stone was surrounded by visitors 4 people deep.

We spent well over 2 hours in the museum, moving from room to room and by that time, my feet were so sore, I would’ve cried had there been no seats to rest them.

Besides this physical drawback, I found our experiences slightly marred by other fellow tourists. For the most part, most travellers are respectful of the exhibits and even the children were relatively well-behaved (perhaps their school activity sheets helped keep them focused).

However some visitors tried to touch various exhibits and we overheard one lady ask her guide (quite loudly): “Are there bodies in those mummies?”.

A reflection of today’s mentality where virtual is reality and there is little expectation for ‘real’ things to provide the full experience, perhaps?

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