Cosmetics haul: Holika Holika and Chupa Chups

There has been a lot of hype about these Holika Holika soaps in Korea, with people being put on waiting lists in order to purchase them. Thankfully I missed out on the madness and was able to pick up a set with 4 types of egg soaps.

Thus far I’ve only tried the white egg. It’s supposed to help tighten pores and make skin feel sleek. I haven’t really noticed a difference in the size of my pores after one wash, but my skin did feel smoother. The soap is quite heavily scented and could potentially cause headaches for those who are sensitive.

These babies were only SGD$10 each. The colour load is quite nice and while the gold is not as rich and smooth as Shu Uemura’s gold eyeshadow, it ain’t bad for the price. The green shadow has an embossed Holika Holika logo from the pressing, but the gold does not. It might be the particles are bigger and any embossing doesn’t hold well.

The packaging has a lace pattern around the edges, but it feels light and cheap. Not particularly impressed and I’m going depot them.

This is really for my sister in Germany. I couldn’t resist picking one up for her, as she was quite the Chupa Chups lover when we were growing up. It smells absolutely delicious and yummy enough to eat.