Back in Singapore – Day 1

Nothing can possibly start an international holiday worse than a really bad bout of airsickness.

Especially when nothing about the flight is particularly nauseating.

The plane was relatively empty.

The entertainment was decent (watched Season of the Witch and Ashita no Joe (あしたのジョー))

The food was alright.

The flight was only mildly bumpy.

Yet I was in a constant state of nausea and had an incessant headache, all I could do as we landed in Singapore, was hurl my guts out into the standard issued barf bag.

A pretty thought, eh?

I was still green when we were greeted by my parents at the airport and flung myself to sleep the rest of the afternoon away in an attempt to be rid of the nausea. The SO took the opportunity to catch up with an ex-colleague in town, till I woke up in time for dinner – still mildly green, but able to peck at a little dinner (Teochew porridge).

Thankfully a full night’s rest saw most of the airsickness gone, but that was my first day back in the motherland wasted.

*sigh*… I hate how uncooperative my body is sometimes.