Taira Izakaya at Holiday Inn, Singapore

Braised beef with a knob of mustard balanced on the rim. Stewed pork with onions

Whenever we visit my motherland of Singapore, I have to met up with a group of close girlfriends to catch up on all the goss and have a good laugh. Unfortunately on this trip, we only had 2 full days to spend and they were during the week, making it a relatively early night for all.

Agedashi tofu. Mushrooms

On special request by exclusion (no pizzas, burgers, pastas or steaks), a girlfriend recommended Taira Izakaya, one of the many izakayas popping up around the country. We didn’t get a chance to go to an izakaya when we last visited Tokyo, so were definitely keen to try it out.

Soft shell crab. Fish.

But perhaps we were a little too keen – we arrived much too early and had to settled in the Holiday Inn lobby lounge with a pre-dinner cocktail and nibbles till the girls arrived.

We were directed to a table set between the sushi bar and the private dining rooms, just beside the stand-alone beer fridge. A sign announcing the restaurant’s closure on 28 May was above our heads, so it won’t be there much longer. It’s a pity as the food is quite lovely, though service was poor – I had a hard time making a reservation, as the lady on the phone could barely speak English. They kept coming back some time later to say a certain dish only had so many pieces or they didn’t have this or that. They also messed up our ice-cream order, trying to give us black seasame ice-cream, rather than the matcha we ordered.

Garlic fried rice. Seared steak.

A friend who had been before did most of the ordering and everything tasted awesome, especially the somen which we slurped up before I got the chance to photograph it. My personal favorite was the garlic fried rice, which was sooooo full of flavour and fragrant.

Unfortunately by the time you read this, Taira Izakaya would’ve ceased operations, but I’m glad we got the chance to taste their menu.

Taira Izakaya

11 Cavenagh Road, #01-16 Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre, Singapore