Bavarian Bier Cafe, Eagle Street

Three bier sampler. AUD$13

The SO asked where I would like to celebrate my birthday dinner and I quipped without a second thought: Bavarian Bier Cafe. Both times we tried to drop in without a reservation, the crowd was too daunting and we were unable to get a table. So I’ve been itching to try them out as a special occasion the first chance we could get.

We booked for 6pm and the bar was already buzzing with activity. Our table was against the glass wall surrounding the restaurant with the wide open view of the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge.

The SO went with the five bier sampler and I ordered the three bier sampler, which included: Löwenbräu Original, Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Hell and Paulaner Premium Pils. The Löwenbräu is extremely easy drinking, despite having the highest alcoholic content of the three. But I couldn’t take more than two sips of the Franziskaner – it just was not my style and I passed it to the SO to finish.

Crackling roast pork belly with granny smith apple compote and sauteed potatoes. AUD$28.50

Everything else was gorgeous! I wanted a little bit of everything with the Bavarian tasting platter and the SO, having already sampled the platter at a work lunch, went full-steam ahead with the roast pork belly. The two varieties of sauerkeraut were well-matched to the meats and is not overpowering at all.

Beautiful crunchy crackling was the bit I saved for last, but it was the chicken schnitzel I adored. It’s a rare thing to find such succulent chicken so beautifully crumbed.

Bavarian tasting platter. AUD$27

Walnut and date pudding with honey ice-cream. AUD$11.50

But it is this dessert that at the first taste, had us in classic Homer Simpson, head thrown back gurgle rapture. The pudding is light and so moist, with such creamy honey ice-cream on a bed of almond slivers in a brittle coating.

Schanpps: Saurer apfel (sour apple 16% alc) and Friesengeist (Friesen ghost 56% alc). AUD$7 each

And because it’s my birthday, I got a schnapps on the house! Schnapps arrive on a long wooden board with cowbells, so everyone’s watching us chug them down (one chap at the next table is clapping and egging us on every time we raise the glass to our lips).

Bavarian Bier Cafe
Brisbane CBD
Level 1, 45 Eagle Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Tel: +61 (0)7 3339 0900

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