A birthday breakfast with a Masterchef Australia recipe

Today is my birthday.

And like the last couple of birthdays before this one, I find myself less excited and inclined to party like a mad teenager to mark the day my mother gave birth to me. I’d rather be curled up with a book these days.

Perhaps it also because I share this day with the millions of women who have the joy of being mothers and are being served (maybe) burnt (but well-intentioned) breakfasts in bed by their partners/children this Mothers’ Day.

So instead I prepared my own birthday breakfast treat – eggs benedict with homemade crumpets, recipe courtesy of Masterchef Australia season 3’s first masterclass of 2011. It’s a breakfast I go weak in the knees for whenever I get the chance to have it at a cafe or bistro.

The crumpets were made from scratch the day before, clouding the kitchen with very yeasty fumes. And I whipped up the rest this morning in about 15 mins, and it was beautiful! The SO was delighted the hollandaise (which lacks the spinach and parsley) tasted so light and fluffy, while I adore how moist homemade crumpets taste.

Oh, I should mention I’ve never made hollandaise or crumpets before, so for a first attempt, I’d say I’m very happy with this birthday present to myself.

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