Bento: 03 May 2011

Adam Liaw's fish head curry and beans in fermented black beans on rice, mandarin segments.

When I was looking for work and we were living on the SO’s income, I tried everything I could to keep our expenses as low as possible. Preparing packed lunches, often referred to as ‘bento’, was one of those ways, which I really enjoyed. All I had to do was cook a little bit more during dinner to assemble the leftovers as the next day’s lunch.

Today I still prepare bentos for the SO and I to take in work, not only to save money, but to save time hunting down a healthy meal in a city where a cheap meal would cost AUD$6-9.

And while they are not as cute as those prepared for kids, these are still full of flavour and healthy.

Today’s bento is a hodge-podge of my first attempt at Masterchef Australia 2010 winner, Adam Liaw’s Aunty Chin’s fish head curry (a review of the recipe soon) and stirfried beans in fermented black beans on a bed of rice, with fresh mandarin segments for dessert.

So what do you have for lunch today?

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