Pho hit at Tân Thành, Inala

Rice vermicelli with grilled pork and spring rolls. AUD$9

It might surprise some that despite its physical proximity to Vietnam, Singapore hasn’t really adopted and nurtured pho and other Viet gastronomy delights under its culinary wing the way it has with its other neighbours’ cuisine. And certainly not to the degree Australians have welcomed and honoured it in every corner of the country.

But I’m certainly one to talk, since I pronounce ‘pho’ as ‘F-Oh’. Much to Pris, my chef friend’s distress, who insists it’s pronounced ‘F-Ur’.

Po-TAY-toe. Po-TAH-toe.

Special beef pho. AUD$9.50

So it is here in Australia that we’re always on the hunt for a better, more flavourful pho. And that hunt took us to Inala Civic Centre, the Vietnamese community central in Brisbane. Tân Thành came highly recommended, so we had to try it out.

Arriving at 2:30pm on the eve of a public holiday with most other shops already shut for the day, Tân Thành still had a bustling trade. Much of its clientele are Asians and as a general rule, if you’re not in an Asian country and see a lot of Asians at an Asian eatery, you can be pretty sure that eatery has amazing food. We were ready to be impressed!

Tân Thành is not the sort of place to take a girl out to a special celebratory meal (unless she’s a Viet-crazed foodie), but what it lacks in ‘ambience’, it more than makes up for in quick service and I’m-so-full-but-want-more! flavour. It only took them 5-10 mins to deliver our order and I relish the grilled pork and spring rolls, which are crispy and so yummy. The pork marinate is lip-smackingly good!

Unlike our favorite pho haunt ‘Pho Hien Vuong’ in Sunnybank, Tân Thành’s pho only comes in one size. It’s equivalent to Pho Hien Vuong’s medium bowl, but has more noodles than meat and offal. The soup is different, but just as yummy.



Tân Thành
Shop 16 Inala Civic Centre Corsair Ave
Inala, QLD 4077
Tel: +61 (0)7 3278 8883

Open Mon to Sunday, 8am -8pm

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