What’s in our mini box? Food Connect 2011 Week 17

This week’s box is a little light on the vegetables and heavy on the fruit, so we might have to drop by the markets this weekend to bulk up. At least there aren’t any sweet potatoes to add to the collection this week.

And what should I do with the custard apple? I haven’t had one since I was a child and there was a custard tree in the field in front of our home. And Peter Gilmore’s Guava and Custard Apple Snow Egg from MasterChef Australia 2010 is just too intimidating. Perhaps a custard apple panna cotta?

  • Avocado x 1
  • Broccoli x 1
  • Custard apple x 1
  • Garlic x 2
  • Lettuce x 1
  • Spinach (?) x 1
  • Parsley x 1 bunch
  • Potatoes x 2
  • Pumpkin x a quarter
  • Tomatoes x 3
  • Apples (gala) x 3
  • Apples (granny smith) x 1
  • Pears (Packhams) x 2
  • Pears (Winter Coles) x 2
  • Mandarins x 3