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Mejillones Rellenos: crumbed mussels stuffed with tomato and white sauce (AUD$6)

While picking up some work Easter munchies, the SO bumped into a friend at the supermarket, who invited us to a dinner send-off at Granada Tapas Bar. A mutual friend is heading out on holiday for a month and needed a good send-off cum birthday celebrations.

Boquerones: white anchovy on garlic and tomato crouton (AUD$3)

We were all to meet at Granada Tapas Bar at 7pm, so we did a quick Google search to work out where it was and what might be on the menu. The reviews we found were extremely promising and thankfully public transport was definitely an option, so we could both drink. There’s nothing worse than going to a party, where one of us has to stay sober to be able to get home at the end of the night.

Granada Tapas Bar has dead simple decor and I must have walked past it a dozen times before, and never noticed it. Many of the tables seat small groups of 4 and 6, so our group of 7 was shown to comfortable table with bench seats and given a brief overview of the menu.

Chorizo: char grilled chorizo on white bean puree (AUD$6)

We went a little nuts on the menu, wanting to try a little of everything. A lot of it is really good, but my favorites were the Mejillones Rellenos (crumbed mussels stuffed with tomato and white sauce) and the Albondigas (braised pork and veal meatballs in rich tomato sauce).

The mussels are perfectly crumbed and hold some beautifully smooth sauce in the shell. How they manage to prevent it from oozing out during the frying process is a mystery to me, but I’m going to see if I find out how it’s done.

Albondigas: braised pork and veal meatballs in rich tomato sauce (AUD$16)

The meatballs are divinely succulent and a decent size. I could quarter each ball with a half spoonful of the moorish sauce to share with the friends.

Lightly fried white bait

The white bait also deserve a mention: they were quite a delight and we had gone through most of it by the time I remembered to whip out the camera. The white bait is lightly dusted in flour, fried and not greasy. They were very much like fish and chips rolled in one.

The blackboard special: tuna and salted almonds

They also have blackboard specials and we tried it: a prosciutto-thin cured tuna with salted almonds. If I didn’t already know it was tuna, I would’ve thought it was some other mild tasting meat. Nothing fishy here and quite delicious.

Churros: Spanish donuts with chocolate sauce (AUD$9)

To finish off, I had the churros. These were wonderfully crispy and not overly dusted in sugar and cinnamon (I’m not a huge sweets fan), so a big thumbs up from me. I would’ve liked a darker chocolate sauce (a personal preference), but the one served was lovely and clung to the churros well.

We were surprised Granada wasn’t busy on the Thursday before the Good Friday/Easter/Anzac Day long weekend, cuz their tapas is pretty darn good. I can definitely see us dropping by more often. My only gripe is drinks are pricier: a mojito at AUD$18 and a beer at AUD$8-9, which isn’t an issue since it’s only a hop and skip from the West End/Southbank pubs.

Granada Tapas Bar
South Brisbane
154 Melbourne Street
Brisbane, QLD 4101
Tel: +61 (07) 3844 4757

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