What’s in our mini box? Food Connect 2011 Week 15

It’s been a tough week and I had a really late night at work, so the SO went to pick up the box and left it for me to pack away in the morning.

Except what are we going to do with so many apples? We hardly eat the handful of apples we routinely get as it is and there’s only so many times I wanna eat tarte tatin or stewed apples with pork. Any suggestions?

  • Broccoli x 1
  • Corn x 1
  • Silverbeet x 1 bunch
  • Tomatoes x 3
  • Pumpkin x a quarter
  • Iceberg lettuce x 1 (small and falling apart)
  • Cos lettuce x 1 (also falling apart)
  • Sweet potatoes x 4
  • Potatoes x 3
  • Green apples x 3
  • Apples (gala) x 10
  • Pears (Beure Bosc) x 4
  • Pears (Packhams) x 2