KFC Double Burger: Challenge accepted!

If you’re in Australia, you’ve probably seen this ad.

Or read/seen the various articles and Today Tonight-ish programs condemning the new KFC Double burger as an artery-clogging ‘horror’.

Or if you are male and spend a lot of time on Facebook, visited their MANTIME FB campaign.

KFC Double burger

KFC Double burger - It's Mantime!

Yet despite the controversy, we had to try it.

Or at least I convinced the SO to play guinea pig, since I had a box of KFC popcorn chicken beforehand and was not prepared to tackle one of these on my own.

And I promise the SO was not harmed in the following experiment.

KFC Double burger

The KFC Double burger comes in a thin cardboard packet with a rip-along across the mid-section – all to reveal 2 chicken fillets, 2 slices of cheese, bacon and sauce. It comes in the original recipe or crunchier zinger chicken fillets. Yes, no bun. The SO, as expected, opted for the Zinger and woffed it down, offering me 2 bites to taste.

KFC Double burger

I will admit that while I am mortified by the unhealthiness of this burger, it’s pretty darn tasty. I attribute it mostly to the sauce, which is supposed to be a barbecue sauce, but it doesn’t taste like any BBQ sauce I’ve ever had.

So what is in this burger that makes it so terrible?

To help give you an idea of how bad this burger is for you, the recommended daily intake is 50gm of protein, 65gm of fat and 2,400 mg of sodium.

And this does not include the fries or drink if a consumer decided to get this with a meal.

It might taste great, but eat at your own risk. Given its nutritional content, trying it once is probably ok, but like most fast food, should never become daily consumption.

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