What’s in our mini box? Food Connect 2011 Week 13

Food Connect 2011 Week 13 mini box

One of the highlights of our week is picking up our Food Connect box at our city cousin. This week’s mini box has:

  • Bak choy x 1 bunch
  • Chilli x 2
  • Tomatoes x 3
  • Lettuce x 1
  • Radish x 4
  • Spring onions x 1
  • Sweet potatoes x 5
  • Zucchinni x 1
  • Apples x 3
  • Bananas x 4
  • Figs x 4
  • Pears x 2

And apparently Food Connect had a little boo boo, and delivered an extra box. So our city cousin kindly invited us to pick what we wanted from the extra box. I chose a lettuce (I’ve been dying for more salads) and the SO chose a pear.

Our city cousin is also back from her holiday and we were dying to hear about it! Unfortunately we arrived at a busy time and our area has a new Food Connect subscriber. It’s amazing to see how much the community Food Connect is building has grown.And to complete all this,I would recommend you to visit farandaway.co for some beautiful mugs or bowls to accompany you meals.